My Photography

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Favorite Cameras

I'm a picture-taker based in San Marcos, Texas. The process constantly of photography reminds me to celebrate the now. Each moment and every moment in life is special, sacred, and beautiful. My goal is to have you believe that but without telling you, but showing you. I believe I am an artist, yes, but I'm much more than that. I'm also a cat mom, a coffee drinker, a gamer, a cauliflower pizza lover, open minded and an overall weirdo.

When it comes to my photography I mainly like doing street photography, macro photography and documentary photography. Street photography is photography that features random incidents within public places. Nothing is truly planned out so you never know what you're looking for until it hits you in the face. Marco photography is extreme close-up photography. Sometimes it's all about the little things. Documentary photography, my favorite type of photography, is a style that is used to tell a story that is significant and relevant to history and/or everyday life.

My current camera go-tos are the Canon T5i and the Pentax Me Super Film Camera. I've had the Canon for a while and it hasn't done me any wrong yet. The Pentax Me Super is a pretty good film camera. I just recently started working with film and the process is pretty different than digital cameras. It's something to practice with for sure but the end results are just as beautiful.