Lost In Austin

Video is becoming an essential part of marketing, social media and the internet as a whole. I've produced restaurant trailers, a documentary, and random fun projects. I've had a huge interest in videography ever since YouTube came out. I even eventually started making my own content with my iPhone camera and edited on iMovie. My content and editing skills have come a long way and I like to think I've improved.

The first time I made visual content was when I was 15 years old. I would look at people on YouTube and thought, "I could do that" so I did. I grabbed my iPhone4 and did the beanboozled challenge with some friends, talked about popular trends and just started posting. High school extracurricular activities took up most of my free time so my YouTube journey didn't last very long but I had fun. Who would have thought that I would still be that little girl, just with more expensive equipment.

Depending on what I'm shooting I either use my Canon T5i or a Panasonic AG-AC30. I usually shoot fun skits, personal projects, or quick and easy assignments on my Canon T5i. My parents bought me the Canon years ago on Christmas and I'm forever grateful. It's not the best camera out there but it's pretty easy to use. I've had it for so long it makes me feel safe. For my more serious projects I tend to use the Panasonic AG-AC30. I started using it around a year ago. I'd say if you're looking for a basic way to capture content with great image quality then this is the camera for you.

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