Hey! I hope you're enjoying my website so far. Here's a little more about me. I like to think that I am creative, intelligent and proactive. I'm also a person with great humor, a cat owner, a cauliflower pizza lover and over all an organized mess. This might get a little random but just bear with me.

Here's something that I take pride in: I have a cat. Her name is Neveah and she has been with me for a little over a year. I originally co-owned her with a close friend of mine but things have changed. When I first saw Neveah she was absolutely adorable, now she's still adorbale but she's also insane. She has a lot of dog-like qualities that I don't understand. She always runs around the house but she is terrified to go outside. Her meows are so loud, mainly when she is hungry, and she only likes people sometimes. As insane as she is, I wouldn't know what to do without her.

I'm interesting because I am interested in a lot of things. Recently I have been reading and watching a lot of true crime stories. As artsy as I am, I love anything law related. I really can't tell you why. At least, if my cat ever gets too crazy and tries to kill me, I can try to tell her how many years she'd be in pet prision.