taitlin hurd

digital creative + art & design


This documentary  started out as a school project but quickly turned into something more. “Lost in Austin” is a documentary about the homelessness in Austin, Texas. After researching and speaking to people experiencing homelessness, I wanted to help the best way I know how: educating myself taking action.  Visit my self-coded website “Unheard in Austin” to learn how you can help too!

A quick calming video project with both original + royalty-free b-roll.
“Things Students Wish they knew Before going to College” is one of the first video projects I have ever done. It is an educational, interview style piece that features several Texas State University students sharing their experiences in college. This video is perfect for high school students that are curious about college life and great for current college students/alumni because it is super relatable.

Radio Production Work

Eating Disorder PSA
Instagram Promo
Counseling Center PSA
Earth Day PSA
Help Mother Nature PSA